Quoddy Kennebec Chukka

Quoddy put some serious time, care and effort into their shoes. Believing in true craftsmanship and skill to make their shoes, the company based in Perry, Maine still work with a view to a time “when output was measured by the dozens, not thousands.” Believing that their shoes are more a work of art than simply tanned cow hide that you whack on your plates, these fellas are the original hipsters. On their website, you can even give them the exact measurements of your feet and they’ll make you a pair of wholly unique shoes. Let’s be honest, if Sitting Bull was out on a Friday for an all-night Ghost Dance, he’d be sporting a pair of Quoddys.

The cross-stitch Kennebec Chukka in Chromexcel Navy stocked by End in the North East is a shoe probably more suited to tracking your next pint than tracking your next meal through a forest but it looks sublime nonetheless.



Although if blue isn’t your bag then they also come in the superbly named Cavalier Whiskey and Rowdy Dachshund, amongst others. In terms of caring for them, Quoddy sell their own waterproofing solution to keep your wares looking pristine. This Organic Waterproofer sticks to an original Maine recipe: “Just bear fat and beeswax.” –even has a bear on the tin, in case you were in doubt.


If you want to see just how much effort these Hikerdelic stitchers put into these shoes then have yourselves a watch of this here video and wonder at the excellent facial topiary on show.

Available from End and Quoddy.


  1. Thanks for highlighting these amazing shoes. Just measured up and ordered some direct from Quoddy in the US – with the exchange rate a positive bargain!

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