R6 x Garbstore Breteles Satchel

On our recent jaunt to London, a couple of us had the pleasure of spending time with 6876’s Kenneth MacKenzie and Garbstore’s Ian Paley. Both were exceptional hosts, and better still, both make things we really, really like.

With that in mind, it was pretty ace to hear them both tell us about the collaboration they had planned. R6 itself is a collaboration between 6876 and the Regent Belt Company. So in a way this is a three way mash up. Regent are England’s foremost maker of luxury leather goods so first and foremost what you’re getting is top quality craftsmanship and a functional item that will last for years.

Into the mix with this beauty though, is a touch of the Garbstore brush.

Here’s the clincher though, not only is it ace looking and brilliantly made, it’s only available at the Garbstore – a world exclusive -this updated Breteles Satchel classic. 

All that you might expect of the satchel is there – an adjustable leather shoulder strap with metal fastening clasp. A leather carrying handle. Two clip down front pockets. Wide front single pocket. Internal zip pocket.  Single wide rear pocket.



  1. R6 x Garbstore Breteles Satchel?

    What kind of absurd arithmetic is this?

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