Rains by Danes at Atoo

Rains from Danes

I got into Arrested Development (the series not the band, although Mr Wendall does have a certain charm) because it used to be on after Match of the Day 2 on a Sunday. I’d watch 5 minutes then switch it off ‘cos it was late, I had to be up for work and I didn’t have Sky Plus. But as the weeks went by I found myself not giving a fuck about MOTD 2 and watching the whole episode until I bought the box sets and realised it’s one of, if not the funniest series I’d ever seen.

A great episode is when Gob (pronounced Jobe) has taken over the family business and is bragging about how expensive his suit is.

If you’re reading Proper you’ve probably done your fair share of dough on clothes over the years but no one likes a flash cunt (especially a southern one) and I’m far more comfortable telling people about a bargain I’ve picked up than the weeks wages I’ve just done on a coat with a hood that looks not dissimilar to another five I’ve already got.

And with the joy of seeing everything you’ve bought over the last 6 months at least 30% cheaper in the January sales a little way off (although Ma Strum have a few days left on their FW 2012 range), there’s some bargains to be had with the Rains waterproof jackets available at Atoo. 9 jackets, 8 with hoods, starting from £70. What more could you ask for? Bags? Oh ok, they do a duffle bag for £55 and a messenger backpack for £59. Happy?

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