Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bear Represents Adventure

Ralph Lauren has two iconic designs, each as recognisable as a swoosh, but with very different attitudes.

The Polo horse logo represents Ralph Lauren’s preppy domain: Ivy League, loafers and affluence. The Bear, on the other hand, is more than that. Despite being dressed to the nines with smart sweaters, blazers, tucked in shirts, even tuxedos, Polo Bear summarised excitement. He embodies a stark distinction from Ralph Lauren’s original target market. He’s adventurous and active; he skis, throws american footballs, fishes, even skateboards. The Polo Bear is the physical manifestation of what Polo wants you to be: progressive and curious, yet classy. 

A typically Mancunian way in which you could align yourself with the beautiful Bear would be to put him on a bucket hat. Fortunately, Ralph has done it for you. 

Dressed as clean cut as ever, the Bear graces the top of this bucket hat, decked out in chinos, a stripey jumper with a shirt underneath, and a very regal blazer. Wait… are they slippers? That’s more like it. 

Ralph Lauren at John Anthony.

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