Ralph versus Rene

Ok so obviously we favour Fred Perry above all else on the basis of our North East Cheshire heritage, but what of the other two? Lauren versus Lacoste. Which one’s your favourite?

Do you favour the original polo shirt innovator in the shape of the Lacoste tennis shirt? Do you admire the little crocodile on the left boob, the shape, the history? Everyone has worn a Lacoste polo at some point in their life. Well almost.

But then there’s a certain something to be said about the classy conservatism somtimes associated with Ralph Lauren. Popularised by American college students but invented as a direct rival to Lacoste, Ralph Lauren polos feature the familiar polo player and there’s an argument to say until they came along the polo shirt was a tennis shirt. They copied the best from Lacoste and Fred Perry, chose some of the best colours and the rest is history.

Anyway, the thing that prompted us to start this debate was this ace t-shirt found while trawling the depths of US eBay, as we often do. Clearly in the opinion of the t-shirt designer the crocodile (or alligator if you’re American/mental) is the victor.

We just can’t decide. What do you reckon? Is it even important? Probably not, but since when has that stopped us talking shit about clothes and that?


  1. The quality of lacoste has definately gone downhill. Several washes and it’s pretty much done, as with those shite ‘china born’ Fp polos

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