Real McCoy’s x Bench & Loom – Terry Malloy Waterfront Jacket


Though On the Waterfront may have won eight Oscars after it’s release back in 1954, weirdly it didn’t pick up any prizes for THE COOLEST FUCKING┬áJACKET THAT’S EVER BEEN WORN NOW OR AT ANY TIME OVER AT LEAST THE NEXT SIXTY YEARS.

Strange eh? This classic film was based on true events and featured many real-life dock workers who all turned up on location every day in their own gear despite now looking like they’re all fresh back from a 2014 clothes shopping trip to Tokyo. The jacket Marlon wore as character Terry Malloy has been painstakingly recreated over a two year period by McCoy’s and Bench & Loom to all kind of ridiculously brilliant specifications as well as being limited to just 30 pieces worldwide. Which means whilst I’ve been writing this, they’ve probably all sold out and all I’ll be left with is a one-way ticket to palookaville. Oh well.







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