Realm & Empire AW16


Just imagine being allowed to run amok in the Imperial War Museum’s archives? Can you imagine what larks would be had? It’d be great fun until someone ends up losing an eye after driving a panzer into the Thames whilst decked out like Biggles. Which is perhaps why the IWM are pretty selective about who they let in their and why Realm & Empire are the only clothing brand with access to this unique treasure trove of militaria.

Titled Submerged their AW16 collection references the British Commando Frogman Force whose clandestine operations and legendary acts of derring do during WWII gained them a fearsome reputation with becoming better known as the Special Boat Servcie later on. Comprising of two key looks the Frogman and the Deck Worker both refelct the unique adaptability and utilitarian practicality inherent in amphibious warfare attire from this era. Shot on the HMS Belfast the Submerged look-book features these nautical inspired garments in a fitting environment as the former Royal Navy light cruiser is now moored on the Thames and part of the Imperial War Museum.

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