Red Wing Heritage: The Foreman Chukka


Despite being absolutely trainer mental at the moment I’ve still got a bit of a thing for a well made, lightweight, leather chukka.

The kind of shoe that says ‘look I’m doing some grown up shit at the moment but don’t think I’ve sold out to the man or anything‘. And my favourite chukka has to be Red Wing’s, known in the business as ‘the Foreman’ given their popularity with a nation of American factory floor managers who appreciated the long wearing support and traction of it’s handy neoprene outsole. They were probably quite handy for giving the odd idle bugger a quick boot up the arse too when they caught them asleep on a pallet or having a crafty Lucky Strike in the lifts. The Foreman chukkas are still made in Red Wing, Minnesota and come in two classy leathers; Briar Oil Slick and Black Harness.  Now stop reading this and get back to work before I dock your wages!








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