Red Wing Heritage Womenswear


Hey ladies! Are you sick and tired of tripping up over our finely crafted, quality leather, triple-stitched, traditional American work-boots? Admit it you’re just jealous aren’t you? Why shouldn’t women get a slice of the Red-Wing pie? Well rest easy sisters because now you can get yourself some Goodyear welted goodness too. Inspired by the early twentieth century and the fiercely independent women who fought for their right to vote (as well party without asking their husband’s permission first) Red Wing Heritage have released an impressive new Womenswear collection. As you’d expect from this highly esteemed brand the quality is second to none, with durability and comfort the driving force behind each piece in the range which spans from biker boots and leather stacked heels to well loved Red Wing classics like the 6″ moc and the iron ranger.






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