Red Wing – The Weekender Collection


“Weekender, weekender, go out, have a good, good, good time…” Nice one Red Wing you’ve got me blasting out Flowered Up in the office now and it’s only half eleven. All thoughts of work have been firmly thrown out of the window along with the waste paper bin (we haven’t got a telly). But before we all go off on a proper mental, 48 hour long, mad one, lets take a look at this marvellous trio of weekend friendly shoes. The idea being that unlike your typical chunky Red Wings this collection are more lightweight and flexible and so ideally suited to dossing around in at the weekend. For added comfort they’ve also got a ComfortForce® footbed and are made using leathers from S.B. Foot Tanning Company. They’re made using super strong Red Wing stitched down construction too just in case you end up partying harder at the weekend than you’ve worked all week. See you at Knutsford Service station on Sunday morning yeah?








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