Red Wing x Indigofera #4328 Climber Boot

Legendary heritage shoemakers Red Wing have collaborated with their long time mates, Stockholm Denim brand Indigofera. Inspired by the 8 inch Lineman boot the two brands have created the #4328 Climber Boot together. The climbers have a green Vibram sole that was also a feature on the original linesman shoes although nobody seems to knows why. One theory is that it was an indication that the sole was compounded with the EH (Electrical Hazard) insulation between the wearer and the ground; so if you happened to touch a live/hot wire, you wouldn’t get shocked. Giving wearers confidence that the shoes they had on were guaranteed to be safe whilst working up high lines.

Along with this special collaboration, Indigofera has also created an amazing capsule collection that includes a blanket, t-shirt and bandana, to be launched on the 21st September. There are only 48 pairs in the UK available at the London stores, Red Wing Heritage and American Classics.


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