Redefining newness — RÆBURN’s SS21 RÆJUVENATE collection

Our work through both Proper and Hikerdelic has often left us wondering if two seismic seasonal collections twice a year, really is the best way to do things? This is a sentiment shared by the good folk behind forward-thinking brand RÆBURN, who last year released a manifesto that pledged to do more within our industry.

“What we do as an industry doesn’t make sense – we deliver Winter collections in July and discount before the weather gets cold, we deliver Spring collections before the worst of the cold weather has hit. It just doesn’t stack up.”

We’ve built our own prison; a race to the bottom where overproduction and consumption are symbiotic – the repercussions for people and planet are devastating.”

As part of their RÆSTART manifesto, Christopher Raeburn and his team made the decision to cut back on the product they produce and find a way to optimise what has gone before. No stranger to doing things differently the pioneering designer saw their latest collection as an opportunity to RÆJUVENATE materials gifted from the past by repurposing them as something completely new.

The RÆJUVENATE collection takes the foundations of the brand’s ever-present RÆMADE  initiative and redefines ‘newness’ through digital innovation, robotics, and critical thinking around what the future may hold for the fashion industry. The brand’s unique partnership with AATB, a design practice that explores the relationship of Human-Machine interaction through kinetic and interactive robots has paved the way for truly unique designs that are individually printed by robotic arms.

Highlights include the RÆJUVENATE Overshirt and the Dapple Tee, which have given surplus stock a new lease of life, whilst outerwear goodness comes in the form of the striking Air Break Anorak. Crafted from original Air Brake parachutes (formally used for deployment from rapid moving objects to decrease speed and provide stability) and garment-dyed in a show-stopping sulphur yellow, this iconic RÆMADE  piece is the product of the meticulous deconstruction and reconstruction process that makes the RÆBURN brand so unique.

True to form, the campaign for the collection marks a first for the brand who have teamed up with a young 3D artist from Portugal in Maria Pereira. Keen to showcase the latest and greatest from a new wave of young talent the entire collection has been digitally rendered in Clo3D.

Explore the full collection here.

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