Reebok DMX @ Garbstore.ten

Have you been down to the Garbstore.ten shop in Covent Garden yet? It’s a wonderful place full of beautiful items that you can purchase as well as some other impressive pieces you can gaze lovingly whilst wishing you could buy them at their exhibition space downstairs. Where they’re currently celebrating the opening of Reebok’s The Next Step: Dynamic Cushioning System (DMX) that focuses on focusing on the years between 1998-2002 when Reebok were continuing to push the experimental envelope with the development of their new technology. Though the DMX was originally conceived as Energaire back in 1989, as a concept devised to cushion each step through the power of moving air it was his progression that chartered a whole new phase in Reebok’s history. Demonstrating the constant quest for innovation and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance that the brand have become known for. So for one month only at Garbstore.ten you can check out a really well put together collection of never seen before shoe prototypes and apparel from this evolutionary period in the Reebok story



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