Return of the CHAMPION!

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Champion Lifestyle (1)

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you just how important and cool a brand Champion is do I? They’ve been around since 1919 and their fine sporting apparel (most noticeably their sweatshirts) have been worn by basketball stars, rappers, surfers, ravers, casuals and just about every other important subculture with a healthy appreciation of attire at the apex of functionality and street style. The good news is that Champion have just re-launched the brand in the UK, which will see their traditional sport and leisure ethos being applied to some exciting new projects, concepts and collabs coming out of their European headquarters in Italy in the very near future. Champion! as they say in Yorkshire.


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  2. Please oh please let them retro the shoes. I’m fiending for some 3on3’s and 5on5’s again.

  3. Been after a champion sweatshirt and raglan for ages, there very hard to get hold of. Carn’t wait for these.

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