Richard Kelly Selected Music Works: 1999-2019

Ancoats in Manchester is full of amazing places (including Proper HQ) which is probably why it was voted the 13th coolest neighbourhood in the world recently. Well as if it wasn’t cool enough our mate Richard Kelly has finally decided to stop taking photos of legendary musicians and actually put on an exhibition there. Starting next Friday (15.11.19) you’ll be able to see his incredible body of work that takes in everyone from Amy Winehouse to John Cooper Clarke with some incredibly candid/early shots of the Arctic Monkeys thrown in for good measure.

Speaking on his exhibition, Rich said: “The driving force behind this exhibition was finding a box of my old prints, some of them dating back over 20 years. They document various bands, some of them having never seen the light of day, I was keen to curate an exhibition around them and show them to the public for the first time. These are a tangible piece of music history and documents my life and the excitement of shooting these bands whilst on tour with them. Here you will see a documentation of music across 20 years, from me riding past the Ian Brown graffiti on my bike and shooting it with my first professional camera, all the way to a present personal project of mine, working with MCs and rappers in Moss Side.”

Richard Kelly’s solo exhibition Selected Music Works: 1999-2019 opens on Friday 15th November at Colony Ancoats, Manchester. The exhibition is free to attend and open to the public until Tuesday 14th January 2020. A private viewing and closed bids will take place on Thursday 14th November.


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