Riot Division – The Ultimate City Jacket

Our good friends from Riot Division in the Ukraine have just launched a kickstarter to get their latest project off the ground with what has to be one of the greatest tech jackets that we’ve seen in ages. Pitched as the ultimate city jacket it’s the first in the world to feature automatic length reduction and adjustable sleeves! Not only that but this water repellent, 14 pocketed beauty also also transforms into a handy 3L bag. Apart from being possibly the most useful item of clothing I think I’ve ever seen, there’s no compromise on the aesthetic side of things as  it’s also a proper smart looking jacket regardless of all the in built design features. You can read more about RIot Division in the next issue of Proper magazine but in the mean time watch the City Jacket video above then click here to give the Kickstarter some love.

Riot Division City Jacket Kickstarter

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