Ripa Ripa Maestrale Swim Shorts

As someone who is planning a sunny escape to Italy as soon as is humanly possible I’m definitely going to indulge in some appropriately Mediterranean swimwear before I jump on the plane and Italian brand Ripa Ripa make exactly the type of tackle that I’m looking for. Providing their own, unique expression of the Med with a nod to the 1960s their premium swimwear is made in Italy and guaranteed to take your sophistication levels to maximum. Redesigned for a more tailored and comfortable feel the beautifully patterned Maestrale swim shorts are made from a soft, brushed, quick-drying fabric and also feature a tying-cord that’s made from braided nautical rope. Man I can almost taste that Calamari…

Buy a pair of Ripa Ripa Maestrale Swim Shorts here.

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