Roux AW15

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Good news comfort fans as it would seems the jersey vibes are here to stay and will be carrying on into the next season if street-wear label Roux’s AW15 collection is anything to go by (and it really is).

Alongside their highly desirable signature grey marl joggers and sweatshirts comes the welcome addition of a superb parka, an oversized black bomber and a really rather lovely orange hat. This is just the kind of gear I’d wear if I was a Parisian rapper which has no made me want to do some kind of pun on the word rue/roux like the but actually I’m better than that (I’m not). So anyway now you know that when autumn does arrive it’ll be comfy and cool as fuck vibes all round. Now if you excuse me I’m off for a listen to the Roux-Tang-Clan.

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