S.E.H Kelly Cotton-Linen Polo Shirt

If you’re someone who appreciates a bit of care and attention to your clothing and doesn’t mind paying that bit extra for something that’s been made by a highly skilled person on a ‘hand operated contraption’ then check out this polo from S.E.H Kelly. It’s made using a light and airy two-ply cotton and linen arrangement with in-set seams with the shoulder seam ‘pushed forward’ which in a nutshell means each section of the garment has been shaped with the perfect fit in mind rather than to save as much money as possible on materials. Actually I lied about it being, two-ply as the sleeves are a thinner 1 ply situation which has been done purely to make it less bulky when you pop on a jacket. The polo is totally ‘hand linked’ too which means no discernible seams or bumps where the neck joins the body or the sleeves join the neck. Instead it’s a flat and smooth join thanks to every minute loop of yarn having been looped by hand knitting needle onto the next. Can you imagine having the patience and dexterity to do that? Me neither but that’s how you make an incredible Polo shirt if you’re interested and if you want one, you’d better head over to S.E.H Kelly here and get one.


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