S.E.H. KELLY: Peacoats of Donegal County

tobacco-charcoal-wool-tweed-peacoat-worn-1Peacoats of Donegal County‘ sounds to me like one of those old fashioned movies on Film 4 in the daytime doesn’t it? Featuring the likes of Bridie McMarne that no-one ever watches because they’re at work despite probably being cinematic masterpieces nonetheless. Anyway this tweed-tastic reefer jacket has nothing whatsoever to do with celluloid story-telling but does involve the spinning of quite a yarn. As it’s key component comes from the beautiful County Donegal and it’s legendary yarn, a yarn like no other which is said to replicate the local landscape with it’s multi-flecked surface throwing up the same gorgeous hues as can be seen in the surrounding granite, sandstone, peat flats, yellow gorse and the ebb and flow of the bluey grey Gweebarra river. There’s a┬ámore detailed description on the SEH Kelly site HERE on how this unique and beautiful material is incorporated into a similarly unique and stunning naval jacket. But if you don’t mind I’m going to put my feet up as ‘Bucket Hats of Cheetham Hill‘ is just about to start on Film4.




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