S.E.H Kelly ‘spring’ forward


I love S.E.H Kelly for a variety of reasons but mainly because they make the kind of immaculate clothing that everyone would wear in my own personal utopia. Everyone happily going about their business whether delivering crates of Vimto from the back of vintage US station wagons or herding bengal cats across the pennines, we’d all be resplendent in their gorgeous garments. To coincide with the clocks pinging forward they’ve been working on some seasonally appropriate attire or as Paul from the brand rather more eloquently puts it:

What we’ve been challenged by, really since we started, is infusing the things we make for the warmer months with the same variety of weights and textures as we do in winter, when we roll out the wools and cashmeres and all the rest of it. But this time around I think we’ve made some inroads. The cotton-linen hopsack from Lancashire is a good case in point. We used it to make an overshirt and a new work jacket. It’s a good modern-day workwear cloth to my mind: heavy but breathable, interesting but not shouty, good drape but deep creases in all the right places. Lots of new linen, too, from up around Belfast, and down to the south coast of Ireland. Mostly used for shirts, that, along with a cotton-linen and a new cotton shirting we’ve dubbed “jumbo oxford” for reasons that made sense at the time.The straw hat is a new thing, too. It is made in the south-east of England by a place which has been blocking such things since before George III was a boy. If it doesn’t go with what you’re wearing, you get your money back. I’ve forgotten half a dozen things because, well — we’ve been busy. And my head is scrambled.
Come on everyone, lets make my utopia happen, get togged up in some S.E.H. Kelly and lets all live in a massive windmill that makes egg custards somewhere out in the Peak District.


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