S.E.H. Kelly – Navy Cotton Twill Trench Coat


If like us you’ve become inspired by the Muppet Christmas Carol and decided to give your wardrobe a bit of Dickensian chic then SEH Kelly are bang on the money for that kind of thing, being both wonderfully modern and marvellously old school in all the right areas. Their latest masterpiece is a navy blue cotton twill trench coat which resembles the kind of thing that Ebeneezer Scrooge would wear were he around today and perhaps the miserly boss of a cool French fashion label like APC rather than the Marley & Marley set up. Though Paul from SEH Kelly describes this immaculate coat in a more grounded/less ridiculous way:  “This trench has kept us busy almost all year. I think we started it in March. It’s a traditional mac, made from heavyweight cotton-twill from Lancashire, with a one-piece sleeves like they used to do, back in the day, and a bloody big collar and lapel. We’ve designed it with a sort of pared-down approach — no belt-loops for the belt, and a gun-flap button that’s integrated into the front-fastening. Keeps things clean and simple. The pockets are enormous, and can be accessed from front and side, and it’s lined with charcoal wool-melton from Yorkshire. Not only heavy as heck, then, but warm, too. The chap in these pictures has a tuck-stitch jumper on underneath, and trust me, chilly he ain’t.” So just like the work of the aforementioned Charlie Dickens & his Christmas Carol this beauty of a trench coat will become a classic that you’ll return to every year to warm the cockles of your heart (and the rest of your body).





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