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Everyone loves a bargain don’t they. (That’s what the Cool Cats on Countdown would refer to as a rhetorical question).

What’s even better than a sale bargain are ones that you’ve previously ogled (or at least we’ve written about here on at full price.

Our Welsh friends in Cardiff at Pavilion Clothing, still have some of those very same silly sale deals for you to get your hands on just it time for celebrating the arse end of St Georges Day or in time to get some new gear for reciting sonnets to your loved one (it’s what Billy Shakespeare would’ve wanted in the week of his birthday).

A while back I wrote about a Barbour jacket, so ace that you could knock about pretending you were an off duty Fly fisherman, and no-one would bat an eyelid.  That Fishing Standen Waxed Jacket is now down to £186 – even including ‘THAT’ detachable hood.


Sticking with the North Shields Massif of Barbour, Pavilion also have the Made for Japan Overdyed SL Durham (a range written about so eloquently by Scouse Saint Sando here) with 25% off.

Still the same slimmed down, lightweight version of the classic coat but in a fetchingly bright red, enough to make Red Riding Hood blush as you chase her through the woods (#NotYewtreeThat).


Finally (although there are more deals to be had there if you look) Pavilion have the adidas Originals zx710 at a knockdown deal.

Sir Michael Richardson wrote these up with gushing praise for the white and green OG version; well the Welsh wonders have the equally aesthetically pleasing Navy / Ink ones, still available in all the standard sizes at £56.

1395246867-580771001395246869-206892001395246872-66659900Don’t end up giving yourself a kicking by missing them. Get yourself to Cardiff* and Pavilion now.




*Stay sitting on your arse, drinking brews, and order via the power of t’interweb


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