Sale Picks at The Liquor Store

With payday creeping round the corner like a hungry bear, there are still some seasonal sale picks to snaffle up with your hard-earned brass buttons. New clothes, at good prices. It’s the type of winning combination that relegates Maldini and Nesta into the realm of the ordinary. Thankfully, Birmingham’s finest, The Liquor Store have got more bargains to shake a stick at than the Milan duo have winners medals. Well, maybe not –but there’s still a plethora of quality stuff to get your paws on.


With these ED-47 washed jeans, Edwin have done all the hard work getting the worn in effect perfected for those of you too lazy to bother wearing in your jeans yourselves. Handily they’ve also got £33 off.


Bright red anorak from the Shades of Grey that your missus doesn’t know about. Absolutely no S&M required to wear it.


Not quite sure how this Paradiski Denim Dot Shirt from the great Danes of Wood Wood hasn’t sold out, but it’s available in every size with £42 off the original price.


One for the commuter cyclists amongst you. This Herschel Heritage backpack has a 15” laptop sleeve, plus it comes in yellow and as seen here, orange. So you don’t have to wind up in the same state as that fox I drove past on the way to work the other day.

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