Sale Steal at Pavilion Clothing


Normally when there’s a sale on at one of our favourite stores we tell you about all the brands in it, then you go away and pore over them, can’t make up your mind over a jumper you won’t wear till September or a jacket that’s a size too small but you REALLY wanted it when it was released in May.  

You make your choice, run it past your other half (or not) go to order it, only to find it’s gone.

Some other swine’s beaten you to it.

A right bugger that is.

Well, what I’ve done for you is taken all that hassle away.  Found a product you need, at a ridiculously low price, in a full size run, that you’ll be able to wear straight away.

I know, good to you aren’t I, buy me a whiskey and ginger when you see me.

You may (definitely will) know by now that we’re a bit fond of The ‘Boks here; we love partying like we’re at an aerobics session in ’87 and no better way to do it than in a pair of these NPC UK Trainers from Reebok Classics.

Our Cardiff  pals Pavilion Clothing have just extended their sale, and amongst the other deals they’ve got going on, these Reeboks stood out to me like a pretty lass with with face paint and a bikini top jumping up and down whilst celebrating a World Cup goal, appeals to the ITV camera men.


£30? Hell you can’t take the kids to the pictures for that.  Besides they’ll be far prouder of you wearing these with your shorts on your holidays, than them Havaianas you stupidly bought last year.


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