Sandqvist is Ready for the Wilderness

Sandqvist offers typically well thought out Swedish design that stays true to Scandinavian roots. 

sandqvist mountain hike bag

For whatever reason, they do things better in Scandinavia. No one knows why. Whether its a regionally ingrained respect for the environment, a presupposed harmony with nature, a love of simple-yet-effective design, or the appreciation of functionality in almost everything, one thing is for certain: Scandinavia, and in our case, the output of Swedish Sandqvist, is attentive and done well. 

Sandqvist started in 2004 when three childhood friends got together to discuss the failings of what was on the market at the time. They thought: if you can’t find it, do it yourself. 

The Mountain Hike bag is a perfect example. Built with the mountains in mind, it contains all the features – and more – that you’d need in a functional piece: gear loops, cord extensions, compression straps, an ergonomic backplate, compartmentalised space. 

Head to Parasol to check it out.

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Sandqvist at Parasol.

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