Sandqvist SS17 Lucid Series


Inspired by heavy concrete, Scandinavian architecture and late summer nights in the city Sandqvist’s ‘Lucid’ series introduces three brand new designs named the Lova, Mio, Ivan and Oliver all of which have been made using recycled products and available in Black, Purple or Ash Grey. Reflecting their city-centric vibes all the bags have 13″ laptop sleeves with the Ivan and Lova both featuring snap buckles closures with an added roll-top to the Lova and a Velcro closure on the Mio and zipper closer for the Oliver. Now at this point I was hoping to have come up with a witty line about using one of these bags and a glider to rob a jewellers so I could end on the pun ‘Lucid in the sky with diamonds’ but I’m going to need a bit more time to work on it if that’s OK with you?






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