Sasquatchfabrix Oriental Shoulder Nylon Jacket

If you’ve ever said to yourself whilst watching films like The Shoplifters or a Japanese episode of Parts Unknown ‘Man that jacket is amazing, if I ever get to Japan that’s exactly what I’m going to get‘ then the answer to your drip based dreams is nearer than you think. This lovely layered piece comes courtesy of Sasquatchfabrix a 90s streetwear and grafitti inspired label from design collection ‘Wonder Worker Guerrilla Brand’. Whilst this season their collection is focussed on the art of Kaneai which is all about balance and equilibrium, hence the combination of super tough ripstop nylon with breathable mesh and a ventilation friendly loose back panel. Though it’s made in Japan and looks like the type of jacket Mister Miyagi would wear to got and score a draw it’s available over here at the wonderfully well stocked Wellgosh.

Buy a Saquatchfabrix Oriental Shoulder Nylon Jacket at Wellgosh here.

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