Satta Skates X Stevie Gee Visionary Artist Series

Check this out… or maybe that should be ‘deck’ this out? To celebrate the launch of Satta Skates ‘Visionary Artist Series’ in collaboration with renowned London illustrator Stevie Gee, BEACH London hosted an exclusive preview of the series at their gallery in Shoreditch last night (12th December 2012).

On show were four totally rad, one-off, hand finished Satta Skateboards in custom cruiser shapes, illustrated with Stevie’s exclusive artwork and screen printed by hand onto each board. Based in Brixton Satta take their board design inspiration from the classic/best era of skateboarding i.e. sixties and seventies. Though they may look like something you should hang on your wall they are all 100% rideable and are all totally unique, from the grain and the species of wood used, to the screen printing methods and hand finishing techniques through to the final individual number punching they receive.

The Satta Skates X Stevie Gee Visionary Artist Series will be available to view and purchase alongside limited run Stevie Gee prints at BEACH London, 20 Cheshire Street, London, until Monday 14th January 2013.  To pre-order the limited edition Satta skateboards visit the Satta online store at

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