Satta Summer Solstice Collection

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Any brand that combines the fun of skateboarding with the spirituality of Rastafarianism is alright in our book so hand I the chalice and lets check out Satta’s Summer Solstice collection, their first proper foray into clothing. As well as their trademark custom decks the Brixton based brand has put together a skate-friendly range of Satta tees, hoods and accessories. All made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton, inspired by the natural world, with a colour palette inspired by plant and earth tones and as founder Joe says “Being mindful that the vibe and lifestyle of Satta resonate beyond just skateboarding, we have launched our first clothing collection as a means to spread the Satta Livity.” The collection is available online at and also at select core skate, surf & lifestyle stores including Goodhood and Slam City Skates. 

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