Saturday Night Live. The Book


In terms of chuckling like fuck, where would we be without the American institution that is Saturday Night Live?

I mean it may not be on telly every week in Stockport but regardless of that it has been responsible for bringing a generous amount of hilarity to our shores, from Aykroyd & Belushi to Will Ferrell & Tina Fey via Wayne & Garth. Not forgetting of course your Eddie Murphys, your Sarah Silvermans, Chevy Chases, Chris Rocks, Bill Murrays, Adam Sandlers too oh and perhaps my favourite ever Brian Wilson performance where he gets busted for not being a surfer. Yes it’s fair to say that this ongoing risk-taking, romp of a show has more than earned it’s legendary status as a springboard for some of the world’s best comedians. To celebrate it’s 4oth year Taschen with author Alison Castle were given unlimited access to the entire SNL archives as well as hanging out on set of the 39th season to create Saturday Night Live. The Book. Which is as you’d expect is packed with candid shots of backstage/onstage comedy magic in the making, as well as all the reference guides, cast, host, musical performers that you could ever wish for.





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