Saucony Jazz Original Vintage


Here in the beating heart of the Proper Magazine HQ we’re surrounded by all manner of wonderful stuff that we’ve collected over the years from including a fair few vintage magazines which have pride of place in a big heap on our desk. There’s quite a few issues of The Face and Loaded as well as some climbing ones but most recently we’ve been frothing at the mouth over 1980s running publications. In fact we love these mags so much that we’ve recreated one with Saucony to coincide with the release of their Jazz Original Vintage which first came out in 1981 and took the running world by storm. If you don’t belive us come and look at our mags or the brand new/retro one we’ve done called Running Strong which will be sent out alongside all orders of issue 21 of Proper.

In the mean time cast your eyes on these new Jazz Originals that have dropped at Hip as they’re pretty special. Whilst doing various photo-shoots for the aforementioned Running Strong mag everyone and I mean everyone who came into contact with these classics joggers immediately enthused over the choice of colours and absolutely spot on  detailing before asking ‘Can you get me a pair?’.  So if you were one of those people and you’re reading this, you can get your own pair from here.








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