Scorsese A Retrospective


MSRETRO“Ever since I can remember I always wanted a massive book full of behind the scenes photos from the life and times of the world’s greatest film director Marty Scorsese.”

From Boxcar Bertha to The Wolf of Wall Street everything you ever wanted to know about Little Italy’s finest film maker can be found within the pages of Tom Shone’s Scorsese A Retrospective that packs the visual punches of a Jake La Motta combination with all the wit and charm of a heist happy Jimmy the Gent. This incredible book represents an impressive and peerless body of work from the softly spoken maestro of American cinema who would you believe credits his lifelong asthma affliction as being the reason he avoided sports as a child and instead became fixated with the movies. Stickball’s loss has definitely been our gain, can you imagine a world without Scorsese’s films to totally immerse yourself in? FAGGETABOUTIT!

Scorsese, Martin / Goodfellas



Image 13 - © The Kobal Collection (Warner Bros.)


Wolf Of Wall Street, The

Scorsese: A Retrospective by Tom Shone is published by Thames & Hudson at £29.95 Available HERE.

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