Scotts Menswear: The Power of the Polo

Polo Stack

When was the last time you went to a polo match? Or actually took part in one? Or even saw one on telly? Chances are the last time that you saw someone playing polo it probably was on a TV show, where they were lazily trying to illustrate what posh people get up to at the weekend/when we’re all at work. Strange then that one the most common and well loved of our wardrobe dwellers is an item of clothing designed exactly for this horsey, hammery sport. I’ve no idea why we all ended up wearing polo shirts, probably something to do with modzzzzz or casualzzzz but regardless of back story there’s no denying that this classic garment is as relevant today as it was back in the year whenever. The polo and perhaps more specifically the Lacoste polo is the VW Golf of the clothing world, equally at home on ca ountry estate as a council one. You can’t pigeonhole the wearer of a Lacoste polo shirt easily, suffice to say that most owners probably know that a magical feeling occurs soon after puting one on. It’s a phenomena that can’t really be explained, it’s just one of life’s great pleasures, maybe because it releases you from the aforementioned class boundaries or perhaps because it says ‘look at me’ in a ‘I just paid £75 for polo shirt and I’m not even arsed’ kind of way.  Some people just don’t get it, some people would rather spend £75 on a night out and wear a polo from Primark. But then again some people are just weird. For those of us who do care about what we wear, Scotts Menswear has something for everyone when it comes to picking a perfect polo shirt this summer, with their various colours of chemise Lacoste being the cream of the crop or should that be croc?



  1. Iam Sure the American Polo team wore them for the 1927 Championships, After that they were always called a polo shirt….

    Icons of Men’s Style by Josh Sims has a great write up on them..

  2. Why are they called polo shirts? The original Lacoste and Fred Perry shirts were designed for tennis!

    I find these days, for a regular, nice fitting, well made pique polo shirt Uniqlo is right up there with the traditional labels and every bit as good in terms of quality… Well, alright they don’t have mother of pearl buttons.

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