Scotts Menswear x Proper ‘From Acid House to Berghaus’

Given how much of a big deal the newly arrived Berghaus Dean Street Collection is we decided to make a film with our mates at Scotts Menswear. Entitled ‘From Acid House to Berghaus’ we spoke to two of our favourite DJs (Luke Unabomber and Olli Ryder) about the impact of Berghaus back in the day as well as it’s current popularity within their respective musical scenes. The adventurous spirit of Berghaus reflecting in both DJ’s desire to perform outside of the usual venues to create something totally unique and exciting.

The Berghaus Dean Street collection is packed with colourful, heritage treasures from the legendary outdoor brand’s illustrious past. Including pieces such as the Tempest ’89 Jacket, Ski Smock ’86 and the Tramantana ’91 Full Zip in a variety of OG colours and design specs.

Check out the full Berghaus Dean Street collection at Scotts here.


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