Sea7 by Finisterre The UK’s first Ocean Activist Training Camp

World leaders are set to descend on the seaside resort of Cornwall later this week, as the Carbis Bay Hotel plays host to the first face-to-face G7 summit in almost two years. The event marks Joe Biden’s first trip abroad as US president whilst leaders from Japan, Germany, France, Italy the EU, and Britain will also be in attendance. In short, this isn’t the sort of shindig that comes around all that often. The big dogs are in town and the eyes of the world are on the Cornish coast. Protests on a number of matters are expected from the likes of Kill the Bill and Extinction Rebellion but it’s a digital workshop on the cliffs of St. Agnes that’s caught our attention here at Proper.

In direct response to the G7 being held in their coastal home, the B corp certified (a dead sound business that balance’s purpose and profit) cold water and adventure brand, Finisterre are hosting their own summit in the form of Sea7; an online ocean activist training camp that will take place on Thursday 10 June. As a brand that’s wedded to the sea Finisterre are on a mission to connect and arm an international audience with the facts, inspiration and a means to stand up for the health of our oceans.

Finisterre are keen to stress the importance of our connection with the seas. From coastal villages to landlocked cityscapes. Every river, every stream, every drop of rain from the sky is part of this complex interwoven system. Covering more than two-thirds of our planet’s surface, the ocean acts as our global climate control system and provides half the oxygen we breathe. Not only does the ocean provide countless benefits to our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, it’s also intrinsically linked to our future and must be protected at all costs.

Bringing together leading activists, scientists, and global change-makers, Sea7 will be streamed live from Finisterre’s cliff-top HQ in St Agnes. Debating the seven key issues affecting the health of our seas, from climate change and plastic pollution to ocean recovery, these online workshops and discussions should not just educate but equip attendees with the tools needed to stand up for these issues.

If you want to do more to protect it, if you’ve always wanted to help but didn’t know where to start, or even if you haven’t, but you know the importance of what’s at stake, Sea7 is for you. Take a look at the schedule by clicking here and start planning your Sea7 now.

Click here for more information and to register for the event

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