Sebago & Oi Polloi Askook

What do a bottle of HP sauce and a Twix have in common? They’re both the perfect props to style the latest Sebago & Oi Polloi shoe. That’s not a sentence I thought I’d write. 

Back in 2019, Oi Polloi pulled a lil magic trick and combined two of Sebago’s classic models – the Dockside and the Schooner –  into the now iconic Portland boat shoe. That time, Oi Polloi looked for paninaro influence in the combination and pulled off a riff that any old-time Italian yacht-head would lust for. 

Fast forward two years and Oi Polloi are back with the Askook, an outdoor leaning moccasin with big walking spirit. This time, however, the shoe is channeling the Americana that the paninaros idolised in the first place. It’s like Oi Polloi have taken it back a notch while bringing it slap bang into the middle of Manchester’s streets. 

The Askook comes in two colourways: a classic all-leather dark brown and a beige taffy with a suede upper and nubuck overlay. Both sit on a hard-wearing Vibram sole and evoke effortless campfire-chilling energy, like a dust storm couldn’t hurt after a long day and the only comfort needed is the crackle of a flame at dusk. 

Browse the set at Oi Polloi. 

Sebago & Oi Pollo Askook.

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