Sebago x Engineered Garments Rossisland 

Suzuki’s Engineered Garments have grabbed preppy royalty Sebago for a third collaboration: the Rossisland boat shoe.


Sebago are well known for their contributions to the world of boat shoes. The ‘Dockside’ has been renowned since its inception in the 70s for its efficacy as non-slip, hardy, semi-aquatic, sailor-loved boat shoe. This is the energy and brand lineage that Engineered Garments have tapped into on multiple occasions. 

The latest release, the Rossisland boat shoe, reinterprets the classic prep of Sebago with a ruggedness that’d withstand not just stray splashes of water over the side of the deck, but the fierce of New York’s streets – the home of Engineered Garments. 

The collection contains two variations of the Rossisland, with each pair featuring slightly different colour palettes on each shoe. It’s a bit like that thing that Nigel Cabourn does, but more subtle. 

Head to Yards Store for the pair.

Sebago x Engineered Garments Rossilsland.

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