Sempach Spring/Summer 17

Sempach takes it’s inspiration from a definite militaristic angle that includes the Swiss army’s quilted sleeping bags, backpacks, field tents, parachutes as well  as the fabled Swiss bicycle regiment which though now sadly disbanded was the longest serving of it’s kind in history. Having spent a lot of quality time at the Massimo Osti archive in recent months when I first came across the Sempach stand at the Pitti trade-show earlier this year I made an instant connection with the Massimo’s work and this relatively new Milan-based label. Because Sempach jackets seem to share that Osti knack for taking old school military fabrics and detailing then making something genuinely innovative and exciting with them. For me discovering Sempach was a bit like hearing a new group for the first time and instantly loving them, partly because they remind you of one of your favourite ever bands but also because they’re coming from a completely new and unchartered direction.

Check out this familiar yet forward thinking brand here.


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