Sergio Tacchini is Still The Business

In Nick Love’s 2005, The Business, Frankie, played by a very fresh-faced Danny Dyer, makes the transition from South London gobshite to troubled Costa Del Crime cocaine kingpin – sort of, anyway. The transition isn’t easy, nor seamless, but in the end, he transcends the idea that he needs the girl, gets covered in shit, and keeps the cash. There’s an incredibly important feature that stays with him throughout the film, and that’s the fact he’s a committed loyalist to Sergio Tacchini. 

There’s a blue/white Iceberg Track Jacket on Frankie’s back in the concrete confines of SE London, as well as on the sunny shores of Andalusia. Why? Because Sergio Tacchini isn’t a brand that you wear when stacking cash and then sub out for something else when you’ve made it; it’s a destination itself.

Fortunately, Terraces has a modern variation of Dyer’s famous track jacket, in a navy/white/blue and a rust/white. 

Sergio Tacchini at Terraces.

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