SEX AND HORROR The Art of Alessandro Biffignandi


The more time I spend in Italy the more I’m lead to believe that Italians really do everything better than everyone else. They lead the way in food, drink, jackets, architecture, paintings, cinema and of course erotic horror comics featuring fit women getting a proper good shagging off goat-headed beasts and other assorted demonic types. I’m talking about sexy-fumetti a unique genre of adult comics that were massively popular throughout the late sixties up until the late eighties with titles such as Cimiteria, Fasma (a personal favourite), La Peccatrice, Vampirissimo and the rather un-terrifying sounding Supermarket.

The undoubted master or rather maestro of these sexy scary books is artist Alessandro Biffignandi whose astounding work has just been documented in a scintillating new book by Korero Press that’s appropriately titled ‘Sex and Horror’. Now if I had been given this book when I was a teenager I’d have had some kind of hormonal funny turn by the time I reached page 42 and then promptly passed out. Fortunately now I’m older and slightly less eager for thrilling European filth, I can fully appreciate the incredible artistry that has gone into making these beautiful illustrations. Oh who am I kidding? Sure they’re brilliant but opening this book for me is just like being back in one of those novelty shops in Blackpool that held so much allure for me as a brooding teenager with their mix of Frankenstein masks, blood capsules, were-wolf gloves, saucy fancy dress costumes, phallic lighters and porno playing cards. Whether you’re looking to re-visit your misspent youth to a time before the internet took porn’s soul away or if you appreciate high quality Italian kitsch then I really can’t recommend this book to you enough.

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