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Continuing on our ‘Shop Ten’ theme whereby the world’s coolest shops compile us a top ten of whatever the hell they like, Garbstore head honcho Ian Paley has done us a fantastic list full of amazing curios and cultured bits and bobs that we think nicely sums up just how cool the man and his fantastic shop and label are, take it away Ian…


1. WWII porcelain memorial ( French). I bought this a few years ago in France, I don’t think I’ve ever found an object that emits such sentiment.

2. Original Snoopy drawing by Charles Schultz. This was given to me as agift. I’m a huge fan of Mr Schultz and of all of the peanuts comics, I’m not an avid collector but have acquired quite a few bits over the years. What I love about the whole peanuts things, especially the US TV specials which ran from the 60’s to the mid 80’s was how really they were the Family guy of the day, It’s said the US policy can be read through the mood of the specials, each year a social marker laid down by Chuck and his crew. 

3. More Peanuts.. My daughter gave me this, one of her first flea market finds. Pretty much sums me up.

4. The Empire State Building. Built in such an incredibly short space of time it represents everything I love about America. I spend a fair bit of time stateside and the site of the Empire state reminds me of how excited I felt seeing it for the first time. I recently had a very NY moment, sitting in the Breslin, drinking Asahi, sucking the pig fat of the peanuts, watching the guys opposite pray in the basement mosque, all under the glare of the top ten floors of the Empire state.

5. Kinyozi sign. I absolutely love these signs for barber shops, This one is North African early 70’s..  Hard to find as they were often painted directly onto walls. 

6. Vietnam cloth tour Jacket. I have a strange bond to this jacket, I collect allot of vintage military stuff, occasionally some if it fits me perfectly, this does. Everytime I put it on I think of the pilot who must have had this made, knowing he was the same size as me, bizarrely when I bought it came with a smaller version for a 5 year old, same pattern. The pilot must have had it made for his boy waiting for him back home. My Boy is 5 and it fits him perfectly. I think about the pilot and his son and hope he made it home to see his boy look like his pop.

 7. Camera equipment. Quickly becoming more than a hobby. I love fiddling around with old lenses, the fact that these days you can bolt just about anything onto a modern DSLR opens an endless pot of experimentation. A lot of time wasted but some good results.

8. Parkas in Boxes. Do it your self kits of the 70’s. Odd as hell but quite attractive seeing something in pieces. 

9. My favourite album, as beautiful as it is random, completely unlike any of his other work. The most calming record I own.

10. Excellent Biography of Churchill. Could not put this down and will remain in absolute awe of the greatest ever Englishman, a must read!

Oh and here’s what the Garbstore shop looks like…

Shop Information:

188 Kensington Park Road
Portobello, London W11 2ES,

Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm
Closed Sundays


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  2. As a fellow Peanuts collector, I am insanely jealous of that original drawing. It puts my Snoopy chair to shame.

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