Shop Ten, Harvest

We thought we’d kick start this new ‘shop ten’ feature where the coolest shops in the world send us a list of  ten random things that are currently blowing their trumpet by starting with our Munich mates at Harvest. Our freund Philip has kindly done us a list and sent us some ace pics of the shop to pore over, as a result of which we’re now looking at  flights to Deustchland and getting a serious amount of cash together as we feel a Euro-spree coming on.

Harvest Shop Ten Sept 2010

1 Continue doing Collaborations with friends for the Store like: the Dufflebag with “akindofguise“ / Single Speed Racing Bike with “Geheimrad“ Parka with “Schaaf“ for aw10 and more to come….

2 “Heinz Butz“ (*1925)  painter, with his atelier around the corner of Harvest, maybe the oldest and truest customer of Harvest, always pays via cheque.

3 Cardis and Jumpers by Indnat for aw10 out of Yak wool and wool produced in an old loden cloth manufacturer’s in Austria.

4 Daniel Day Lewis in “There will be Blood

5 Yuketen “Sport Hunt Boots“, coming in Oct 10

6 Travelling for the Store, seeing new cities and meeting new and inspiring people

7 Most unique accessory in the Store at the moment: Folk Skynard Lanyard key chain in various colours

8 Playing Turin Brakes “Feeling Oblivion“ in the Store even its raining the whole day.

9 Our Legacy “Little Bear Boot“ suede, dark brown, proper Chelsea Boot for the winter

10 Releasing the complete Harvest Homepage incl. Online Store in Sept / Oct. 10



Shop Information

Zieblandstr. 5
Tel: +49 89 452 441 81
tue.-fri. 11:00 – 19:00
sat.  11:00 – 18:00

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