SHOT BY KERN (Taschen)


WARNING: This feature contains boobs. If you’re a fan of Vice magazine (and frankly who isn’t?) then you’ll probably know about their awesome VBS site which features the kind of cool & genuinely interesting documentaries that you never see on TV. A regular feature on VBS is ‘Shot by Kern’ where photographer Richard Kern is followed as he travels throughout America and the rest of the world snapping attractive, nubile and intelligent women without their clothes on and occasionally covering them in liquid soap. Despite him being in his fifties and most of the girls being a damn sight younger, he comes across as a rather un-creepy, un-letchy kind of guy and more the focussed, down-to-earth artist who just happens to have a flair for shooting naked women in a very Vice-like manner. There’s a DVD that comes with the book too, shot and edited by Kern and with music by Thurston Moore. If I had my own barber shop I’d have loads of copies of ‘Shot by Kern’ lying around, because nothing says ‘cool hair-cut’ like a coffee table full of high quality smut does. Buy it HERE.






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