SixEight76 x CashCa Graphic Tees


Told myself a bit ago, probably once kids came about, that I’d start to grow up a bit, wear less trainers and buy fewer teeshirts with large graphics or logos on them.

Well brothers (and sisters) that little decision lasted about as long as deciding I wouldn’t go on the football again, or would only have a drink on one night a week.

Straight in the bin.

If I hadn’t given into tee buying before, I bloody would be doing this month with the new release of these two from 6876 x CashCa.

When I first saw these in the pre release pictures from this collaborative project earlier this year I knew I’d be after one.

With a knowing nod of acknowledgement to the principles that 6876 was built upon and previous early releases from the brand; the graphics on the tees relate to the counter culture of socio-political groups  and reflected in the Political Theory of the Situationists and its widespread message. Delivered on the streets of Paris in Mai ’68 by the Desert Boot wearing masses; and in hardbacked books and fanzines ever since.

Without getting caught up too much in it, these are prints that still hold a relevance in their messages and aesthetic today.

“Bloody hell, Hilty lighten up a bit would you, it’s only a couple of tee shirts innit?”

Like the other items from this collection (which included the reissue of the Sonora jacket and ace shirts in the first ‘drop’) they are made in Japan by Cash Ca and are a reintroduction of tee shirts from 2003/2004 designed by Kenneth MacKenzie.


Taken from the many books and posters KMcK collected during the early years of 6876 on Situationism and Weather Underground Organization both images are from 1969 and are called Injustice Department and Up Against The Wall (told you the relevance was still applicable today).


Available From May 8th on either grey or white cotton from the SixEight76 Store; The Beauty Is Not Just In The Street it’s on these tees too.

Socio-Political History lesson over for today, shut your desks, and go home; you’re dismissed.

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  1. Christian Hilton

    ^ Haha, well here at Proper we ‘dig the new breed, indeed’.

  2. over10yearsof6876

    No! I have that 6876 up against the wall ruling class shirt along with couple of others from ten years ago and I hate it´s being re-released

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