size? adidas Originals Select Collection


It’s not every day that you come across a collection of trainers and t-shirts inspired by an anarchic, Bob Dylan loving group of Milanese furniture designers from the 1980s is it? But that’s what we’ve got here though folks and don’t it look swell? Why am I talking like that? Maybe it’s because the aforementioned designers though predominantly Italian were known as the Memphis group, named after the Bob Dylan tune that played repeatedly throughout their first meeting ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again‘. Inspired by the Art Deco, Pop Art and Kitsch movements the group sought to continuing pushing the boundaries via their bright, colourful and often rather shocking designs, which were all designed to clash heavily with the dull brown and monochrome design that was popular throughout Europe at the time. So if you were wondering who brought all that mad colour to the 1980s, it wasn’t Swatch or Sony’s waterproof walkmans, it was this merry lot.



So to celebrate this colourful crew adidas Originals presents us with four ZX silhouettes and two t-shirts all focusing on the playful textures and colours inspired by the design movement. The pack starts with the ZX5000 and ZX7000, then carries through to the ZX8000 and finally onto the ZX9000, beginning with a range of neutral colours and gradually becoming more flamboyant and energetic. This UK exclusive pack launches this coming Friday 18th April as part of the size? on-going adidas Originals Select Collection. Available from HERE 8.00 am this Friday!


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