SNDCT & Love Curly “Motor Love”

Our tip top mates at SNDCT in Kiev have been getting super creative with local artist Lyuba Kucheryava (better known as Love Curly_ to create a Cardi B inspired capsule collection with some additional augmented reality action. For the ‘Motor Love’ collab they developed 3D prints that can be viewed using a mobile app they developed that enables you to see characters from the prints come to life, just like this one here. As mentioned Luba’s inspiration for the sweats, hoodies and tees came courtesy of the curvaceous Cardi B and her lyrics in MotorSport as well as the changing face of females in the rap game. No idea about the dinosaurs in these pics though, no idea at all.

Shop the ‘Motor Love’ capsule collection at SNDCT here.


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