Snow Peak at MARRKT

If you’re into your well-thought out Japanese outdoor wear, we’ve come across something that might Peak your interest. Pre-owned and deadstock menswear platform, MARRKT, are about to drop their first sale of the year and it’s on one of our favourites, Snow Peak. If you’re not familiar with Snow Peak then firstly, you must be new here. Welcome, don’t eat anything with my name on. Secondly, they’re a Japanese brand that strives to create products that inspire people to enjoy the outdoors and find harmony with nature. They can be a bit spenny, though. So when I tell you that MARRKT are offering discounts of at least 60% across outerwear, jerseys, trousers and accessories, you may decide it’s worthy of a few minutes of your time.

There’s also pre-owned bits from Stone Island, Norse Projects, Universal Works, and Beams Plus, amongst others. So, you’re not only getting big names for a fraction of the price but also doing your bit for the circular economy, and thus the environment, to boot.

Suppose you’ll be wanting the link then, won’t you? Here you go.

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