Snow Peak at Oi Polloi

Yesterday I was hanging out at my good friend’s shop, Gone Fishing Vintage – over on Oldham Street – when a guy walked in fully cloaked up. He was equipped from head to toe. The hood, perched over a peaked hat, was strapped fully to his head, while the body of the coat had pockets and straps for days. Both of us – Sebastian and I – jetted over to him to ask him about the coat. It was Snow Peak. Adjustable waist toggles brought the coat in and the Maharashi pants bagged. 

It was solid – reminiscent of that pic of Liam Gallagher dressed in the Snow Peak three-quarter zip, looking like something out of a dystopian novel. Here, ready.

Oi Polloi, bastions of Manchester, have got that for you. Snow Peak coats. Camping Parka: ripstop fabric, drawcord hem, dual fastens, and storm flaps. Literally everything you could want in a functional jacket. 

Check it out over at Oi Polloi.

Snow Peak at Oi Polloi

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