SPARX – Wren McDonald

SP4RX cover

Now I’m not normally one for sci-fi graphic novels but I was instantly attracted to Wren McDonald‘s Sparx as a result of the impeccable illustrative style, all the dead cool robots and because there’s loads of smoking in it. I’m glad I did too because it’s a decent read and put me in mind of all those mint futuristic, dystopian blockbusters of yesteryear like Tron or Escape from New York and maybe even epic TV series ‘V’. In fact if Michael Gove or any of those other toffee-apple headed psychopaths get hold of the reigns of power then this thrilling read could well be a prescient fore-telling of how life is going to pan out in the UK in the 2020s. All the more reason then or everyone to go and read this book then start planning their own underground resistance, best get loads of cigs in too.

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